Release Notes – 20 Nov 2023

Version – Nov 20, 2023 #

Admin #

  • Security enhancements throughout the admin and API platform. There were no major security issues identified however some non-critical issues were addressed. For example, all API parameters and inputs have always been sanitized to prevent SQL injections, however now they are also type checked and helpful error messages are returned if data sent is of the wrong type.

Version – Nov 08, 2023 #

Admin #

  • Admin users with access to multiple institutions were encountering error screens when switching institutions.

Version – Nov 01, 2023 #

General #

  • This release was a quick fix to address a submission bug introduced in that occurred for a very specific configuration that had previously not been covered in our release tests.

Version – Oct 26, 2023 #


  • Accessibility Widget – we’ve integrated Accessibe to ensure high levels of support for assistive devices and other usability needs. Click on the icon in the lower left of the app to try it out!
  • Clicking into an activity is now instantly responsive. The same level of responsiveness will happen with tasks in the next release. This creates a much faster user experience.
  • Fixes to ensure that team-based assessments are associated with the correct team. These fixes were a little too aggressive in this release, we will be dialing it back a bit. Specifically, for individual assessments where the reviewer is auto-assigned from the user’s team will fail to submit if the user is not in a team yet. In the next release the submission will go through but the auto-assignment will fail. 

Assessments #

  • Resubmitting a review (that was set to “allow re-review” in the Admin interface) now doesn’t throw an error.
  • When an assessment is the last task in the activity, “mark feedback as read” no longer throws an error
  • Reflections were not submitting if the scoring method was set to percentage

Certificates #

  • Students with Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Thai characters in their names will now see their names in the certificate instead of garbled boxes.

Admin #

  • Release notes are now linked from the Admin interface – lower left part of the screen

Admin #

  • Moved an expensive API call from the core API to GraphQL, significantly speeding up task loading time.

Version – Oct 19, 2023 #


  • The progress circle on activity bar is updated when going back to the activities list, no need to refresh to see this update.
  • Auto save was not working when an optional textbox was not completed. This has been fixed
  • The text box for assessment responses will now expand once the submitter has written more than 4 lines, making it easier to view and edit as they complete the task.
  • In app FAQ content has been updated and no longer contains placeholder content

Reviews/Assessments #

  • The previous answers to text-type questions for assessment reviews that are placed into “Re-review” are now displayed when the reviewer views the assessment after being placed into “Re-review“.
  • The “Notify before due date“ setting and Calendar button remain the same after changing the assessment type.
  • Able to auto assign on an individual assessment to the assignee role “any:assigned to any member”. This means it will randomly select anyone within the team or program regardless of role. 

Pulse Checks #

  • Pulse checks now appear for both learners and experts when turned on for individual AND team moderated assessments. This occurs whether the learner is in a team or not. The learner gets the pulse check when they read feedback and mark complete. The expert receives the pulse check upon submitting a review.  Note at the moment in the case of a peer review the reviewer (learner) will not get a pulse check. This will be fixed in the next patch.

Triggers and Badges #

  • The badge image attachments for the “badge awarded” emails are now attached to the “badge awarded” emails and showing up in mailtrap.
  • Newly created badges are NOT set to open badges automatically.

Emails #

  • There is now text in “badge awarded“ emails for badges with certificates that mention that certificate download links only last for 7 days.  Text is: “This link is only valid for one week, so download it now!“.

Admin Interface #

  • If you duplicate the experience the locking and triggers should now work as intended. 
  • The language being set in the newly created experiences now follow what is set in the institution’s language settings
  • You are now able to use the search function to find an administrator in the overview-administrators screen. (The data table error message no longer appears).
  • The team data in the exported status report for a duplicated experience matches current team data and no longer contains the data of the original experience.
  • If an incorrect phone number is input into the enrolment details an error message pops up to identify this issue. 
  • If you delete an experience, the button on the top-right corner of the menu will just redirect you to the “My Experiences” screen.

Admin & CS Admin: #

  • When you switch institutions – either through the dropdown menu or CS admin manager, you now will go to the Institution overview screen vs the “My Experiences” screen. This makes it easier to find the experience you want to go to using the search function.

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