Version – April 16 2024 #

Design #

Text Editor – Tiny MCE now uses browser-based spell check (Preconditions: Have TinyMCE as your editor & Have a spell-checker extension in the browser)

Team 360 Updates #

  • Ability to view submission, allow editing/resubmission and to delete a submission via the “manage” drop down tab.

  • Same team member selected multiple times in the peer review section, only the first response will be picked up in the graph and for the written feedback.
  • Ability to view a Report where the user submitted a Self Assessment but no other teammates submitted
  • For Team 360 assessments with additional MC and Text Group “Personal Reflection” questions after the final peer review question group. These questions will now appear at the bottom of the Team 360 report to show their self reflective responses.

  • Issues causing the spider graphs and bar graphs to display incorrect values have been fixed

Delivery #

Experiences status – Ability to highlight an experience as Completed and Archived. *note this will show a tag on the experience tile so you can identify completed experiences but will not impact a learners access etc.


  • Will now show you when it was last updated, with a time based on your local devices timezone)
  • Refresh data button on the dashboard  is now functional – After clicking “Refresh Data“ button, the Dashboard is updated based on the most recent data in the experience

Overview table – Ability to view a users license in the overview licences screen – As the institution admin, navigate to the Overview screen. Go to the licenses tab and click the eye icon in one of the rows for the users representing a user within the institution

Version 2.3.1 – Feb 26 2024 #

Template Library: #

Ability to make a custom template Public – If you add your template to the custom library, there is now a toggle which will allow you to make the template public, meaning it will be accessible to all users on Practera across all institutions. (*CS Admin only*).

Design: #

Text editor – In the Institution Settings you will now be able to select which text editor you would like to utilise when editing an experience.

DOCX activity export – This provides you with the ability to be able to export whole milestones or activities into a DOCX file, making it easy to share with relevant parties so they can view the content provided within the experience. *Currently it is exporting the instructions/topics, but this will be enhanced in the near future to also export assessments

  • Go to the design page, click the export drop down menu, and select “New DOCX Export” option

  • This will then transfer the assessments & topics into a Document which can be shared.

Bugfixes: #

Assessment Submission Reminders login URL – login hyperlink now works correctly on automatic submission reminders

Enrolment/User Invites – Admin can send enrolment invites in bulk and to individuals in the experience

Event URL’s now working correctly and directing them to the relevant page.

Enrolment Help Icon – Now displaying updated information

Exports –

  • User Export – Wording changed to show it will be exporting users onto a CSV and not a JSON
  • Export list – The time which shows on the export list will now appear in local time, rather than UTC
  • Team export – Now working correctly and only shows teams details for the experience it is exported from

Audit Logs – Now only shows the relevant institution data, the admin will no longer be able to view audit logs for other institutions

Template video – Template video now plays as expected.

Version – Feb 5, 2024 #

Bugfixes #

Team 360

Reports would not send out under several circumstances. If you published and viewed team reports in a certain order it would also lead to several reports becoming inaccessible. This would also lead to duplicate entries in the report management page. These issues have been fixed.

There was also an issue where “Invalid Date” would appear on the admin Feedback screen for Team360s with due dates

Moderated Assessments 

The “Pending Review” dropdown option didn’t match the column header(Awaiting Review) on the feedback table in the Admin-Feedback screen

Go Live

Unscheduled due dates caution text on the go-live page was being displayed even though all assessments with due dates in the experience already have a set schedule


Due dates now show on the task list and on the assessment itself it shows the timezone to prevent confusion with learners who are in a different timezone than the instructor.

Multiple Badge popups were displayed when badge is automatically earned through submitting a team moderated assessment


Magic links, Login links in the “Workshop Session Booked” and “Events Booking cancelled” URL were using an old app URL


There was a situation where submitting a team assessment that was used in Triggers with more than 3 conditions associated would cause a “Submission Failed” notification – however the submission would be successful. In some cases the trigger would fail to be earned as well. These issues have been mostly resolved – there are still situations under extreme server load where this might occur. We are implementing a complete redesign of the trigger system to ensure these issues never happen regardless of server load.

Version – Jan 2, 2024 #

Note that hotfixes -> were a series of minor bugfixes released in quick succession after version was released.

Major Changes targeted for this release: #

Design: #

  • Designer Import/Export –
    • Import and Export for experiences is now available for all users. You can use the export button at the top of the build, then create the shell experience where you will import it into.

    • The “Add Group” button now appears between every activity group – this makes it easier to add a new group between other groups.

    • You can now import and export Activity Groups as well to build a library of useful activity groupings like “How to Use Practera”, “Teamwork Skills”, etc.
    • When you export it lets you download the JSON files to your computer but also keeps a copy in a library in Practera. This library will eventually be integrated with the main template library.
    • You can now move Topics and Assessments to other Activities – the move button is in “options” when editing a topic or assessment.

Delivery: #

Team 360: #

  • Improved UI for report management, allowing you to identify who has submitted, received and read the reports.
  • Ability to send a “Team Coaching report” to experts/coordinators/authors who are part of the learners team, this will contain the entire teams feedback in a nice easy to read format.

  • New Cohort Team360 CSV export that makes it easier to do cohort analysis, as it provides a team average export table for all learners within the program. Note, If you wish to download everyones individual submissions, this can still be done via the feedback table export function.

Filtered enrolment views: #

  • When you click on learners name on parts of the dashboard and the learner name in the Feedback screen you will see just those learners in the enrolment tab. This is in preparation for ELSA changes which will let you take action on these groups.

Mark enrolments as “dropped”: #

  • Dropped enrolments will not receive further comms and will not be able to access the experience. To mark a learner as dropped you select the user, then click edit enrolment. This will allow you to change their learner status from active to “dropped”

Auto Assignment: #

  • Now only 1 reviewer will be assigned by auto assignment per learner, which should prevent a range of auto assignment issues.

Go Live changes: #

  • We now capture start/end dates and other important info during go live, which we will use to ensure the servers are scaled appropriately to handle load during programs

App: #

  • Performance improvements. Pages respond faster, load faster.
  • Activity Groups now show the lead image at the top

Plus lot’s more bug fixes!

Version – Nov 20, 2023 #

Admin #

  • Security enhancements throughout the admin and API platform. There were no major security issues identified however some non-critical issues were addressed. For example, all API parameters and inputs have always been sanitized to prevent SQL injections, however now they are also type checked and helpful error messages are returned if data sent is of the wrong type.

Version – Nov 08, 2023 #

Admin #

  • Admin users with access to multiple institutions were encountering error screens when switching institutions.

Version – Nov 01, 2023 #

General #

  • This release was a quick fix to address a submission bug introduced in that occurred for a very specific configuration that had previously not been covered in our release tests.

Version – Oct 26, 2023 #


  • Accessibility Widget – we’ve integrated Accessibe to ensure high levels of support for assistive devices and other usability needs. Click on the icon in the lower left of the app to try it out!
  • Clicking into an activity is now instantly responsive. The same level of responsiveness will happen with tasks in the next release. This creates a much faster user experience.
  • Fixes to ensure that team-based assessments are associated with the correct team. These fixes were a little too aggressive in this release, we will be dialing it back a bit. Specifically, for individual assessments where the reviewer is auto-assigned from the user’s team will fail to submit if the user is not in a team yet. In the next release the submission will go through but the auto-assignment will fail. 

Assessments #

  • Resubmitting a review (that was set to “allow re-review” in the Admin interface) now doesn’t throw an error.
  • When an assessment is the last task in the activity, “mark feedback as read” no longer throws an error
  • Reflections were not submitting if the scoring method was set to percentage

Certificates #

  • Students with Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Thai characters in their names will now see their names in the certificate instead of garbled boxes.

Admin #

  • Release notes are now linked from the Admin interface – lower left part of the screen

Admin #

  • Moved an expensive API call from the core API to GraphQL, significantly speeding up task loading time.

Version – Oct 19, 2023 #


  • The progress circle on activity bar is updated when going back to the activities list, no need to refresh to see this update.
  • Auto save was not working when an optional textbox was not completed. This has been fixed
  • The text box for assessment responses will now expand once the submitter has written more than 4 lines, making it easier to view and edit as they complete the task.
  • In app FAQ content has been updated and no longer contains placeholder content

Reviews/Assessments #

  • The previous answers to text-type questions for assessment reviews that are placed into “Re-review” are now displayed when the reviewer views the assessment after being placed into “Re-review“.
  • The “Notify before due date“ setting and Calendar button remain the same after changing the assessment type.
  • Able to auto assign on an individual assessment to the assignee role “any:assigned to any member”. This means it will randomly select anyone within the team or program regardless of role. 

Pulse Checks #

  • Pulse checks now appear for both learners and experts when turned on for individual AND team moderated assessments. This occurs whether the learner is in a team or not. The learner gets the pulse check when they read feedback and mark complete. The expert receives the pulse check upon submitting a review.  Note at the moment in the case of a peer review the reviewer (learner) will not get a pulse check. This will be fixed in the next patch.

Triggers and Badges #

  • The badge image attachments for the “badge awarded” emails are now attached to the “badge awarded” emails and showing up in mailtrap.
  • Newly created badges are NOT set to open badges automatically.

Emails #

  • There is now text in “badge awarded“ emails for badges with certificates that mention that certificate download links only last for 7 days.  Text is: “This link is only valid for one week, so download it now!“.

Admin Interface #

  • If you duplicate the experience the locking and triggers should now work as intended. 
  • The language being set in the newly created experiences now follow what is set in the institution’s language settings
  • You are now able to use the search function to find an administrator in the overview-administrators screen. (The data table error message no longer appears).
  • The team data in the exported status report for a duplicated experience matches current team data and no longer contains the data of the original experience.
  • If an incorrect phone number is input into the enrolment details an error message pops up to identify this issue. 
  • If you delete an experience, the button on the top-right corner of the menu will just redirect you to the “My Experiences” screen.

Admin & CS Admin: #

  • When you switch institutions – either through the dropdown menu or CS admin manager, you now will go to the Institution overview screen vs the “My Experiences” screen. This makes it easier to find the experience you want to go to using the search function.

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