Experiential Learning Innovation Grants (UK)

Are you a University educator with an amazing experiential learning program to launch and scale online in 2022, but you’re short of resources?

Edtech platform provider Practera is opening up round 4 of our £500,000 grants program to UK University educators to accelerate online experiential learning programs which can have a positive impact for students now – and in the future. 

Round 4 is now closed for applications. Connect with us below if you have an amazing idea and need help launching it or want to express interest in future grants and other opportunities.

Every day we work with educators around the world to launch and scale innovative experiential learning programs – from nurse mentoring to international consulting projects to cybersecurity placements. These are programs that help students and businesses build new skills and a better future. 

Many of our University customers and partners have great concepts that need funding and enabling technology – but resources remain tight.

The Program Is For You

If Practera’s online experiential learning platform and design capability can help you, we would like to hear about your pilot project concept. If it’s a good fit, we will provide a proposal for up to £10,000 per project in design, licensing and support credits to pilot Practera and bring your idea to reality.

We request you to fill in a short 1-page application form and submit it by Thursday, October 21, outlining your project and how it aligns with the following submission criteria: Round 4 is now closed for application 

Has the prospect to deliver  a positive impact to students and employers at large scale.

Represents a meaningful innovation in digital experiential learning*

The program has a reasonable prospect of being sustainable and scalable into the future*

Fits with Practera capabilities, internally resource the project and ability to deploy the platform*

If you have any further questions, book in for a consultation with Practera

Previous Rounds

Across three ELIG rounds, Practera has already deployed ~£345,000 in ~30 in-kind grants to 21 Australian Universities through the pandemic. With the recent launch of our UK office, we are now opening the program to UK Universities to accelerate online experiential learning programs too!

Angie Knaggs, Senior Education Designer in the UQ Faculty of Business, Economics and Law received a round 1 grant to work with Practera to develop a Faculty Capstone program – Learning by Doing in a Disruptive World.

She said “We had already determined that Practera was the right platform for this flagship program, which is a highly applied, interdisciplinary and team-based unit with strong industry engagement, feedback loops and project-based collaboration. It was obviously, however, a challenging time to request funds for new technology, so from our perspective, the grant came at just the right time to enable us to move forward. The design & configuration project is underway and the Practera team are great to work with – we appreciate their investment in our program!”

Funded Projects Include

  • UNSW; 10x alumni startup mentoring program, business school project programs
  • Swinburne; Non-placement WIL (NPWIL) module suite 
  • Curtin University; In-curriculum Marketing & Innovation project units 
  • ACU; Capstone WIL Unit, Faculty of Law & Business
  • University of Southern Queensland; Engineering Professional Practice E-Portfolio
  • La Trobe University; Digital Industry Projects
  • University of Adelaide; Adaptive Trade Leadership executive education program and Student-Industry Projects
  • RMIT Vietnam; E-portfolio & credentialing technology to support Personal Edge employability program
  • University of Melbourne; reflection & micro-credentialing system for global mobility
  • SCU, Kaher Institute & India partners; professional placement nurse mentoring for Indian nursing graduates
  • QUT; Transdisciplinary curriculum embedded industry project program
  • RMIT; in curriculum virtual projects for Business & Engineering
  • UWA; multi-disciplinary and neuro-linguistically diverse student project programs
  • University of Sydney; International alumni mentoring, Engineering R&D Projects with CSIRO
  • UQ; WEF 21C Skills Career Decidedness Program, BEL Faculty Capstone, Learning by Doing in a Disruptive World, UQ Business School Strategic Decision Making simulation
  • University of Canberra; virtual internships & industry project platform
  • La Trobe University; cross-faculty innovation & entrepreneurship skills accelerator
  • Southern Cross University; International Nurse Placement mentoring
  • ECU; in-curriculum industry projects for Schools of Business & Law and Science 
  • UniSA; Engineering digital industry projects
  • UTS; Engineering virtual professional experience modules (internship, projects, e-portfolio), Not for profit projects program with UTS Centre for Social Justice and Inclusion

Further Eligibility Requirements

  • Support for the project from authorised officer of the University (eg; Head of School, Dean etc)
  • Project activities substantially completed by June 2022
  • Cannot fund BAU activities – must be new or substantially transformed programs. Eligible activities will include design, configurations, integrations, deployment, pilot licensing, support services & evaluation
  • Must seek to incorporate the Practera platform

Process and Timelines

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Frequently Asked Questions

No – they are ‘in-kind’ grants to fund the whole or part cost of a Practera pilot project.

Yes – we are happy to provide referee contact details for round 1-3 recipients cited at major Universities, and have every intention of investing $1M in in kind funding through this program, should sufficient high quality concepts be submitted. We will report publicly on projects receiving funding.

Yes – we will maintain commercial in-confidence all submissions, and delete those that do not proceed to shortlist. Should you proceed with a grant supported project we will work with you to develop a case study.

We will make a good faith determination on the merit criteria listed above, and the fit with the capabilities we have to support your project. You may submit an amazing project with requirements we don’t meet very well – if this is the case we will let you know. All submissions will be treated respectfully and receive written feedback.

Not in any way. We will seek to have discussions with shortlisted concept owners to establish if both sides think there is a good fit, and if so we will provide a product demo & commercial proposal incorporating a grant offer. It is entirely up to the institution to accept or decline.

Yes – please contact us through elig@practera.com.

  •  Ie; there is using the power of technology to increase accessibility, quality, scale, efficiency and/or engagement of programs such as team projects, placement/internships, work simulations, mentoring, accelerators or skill credentialing. 
  • Ie; there is a reasonable likelihood that the program will be economically viable once developed and successfully piloted, can support standard licensing costs and be scaled to higher numbers of users
  •  To be collaboratively determined with shortlisted concept managers and internal stakeholders eg; University procurement & I

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