Practera partners with Government agencies to build collaborations with industry & education systems

  • Practera build collaborative ecosystems for industry and education
  • Practera’s programs are designed to up-skill & re-skill workers
  • Practera programs help identify & attract graduate talent
  • Engage student project teams

Practera experience categories 

Experiences delivered to students & industry through the Practera platform.


Learners engage in innovation programs to develop ideas & validate concepts


Professional learners engage in coaching & project based learning


Professional learners apply simple tools to support experiential learning

Skills credentialing

Educators review & apply credential competency evidence against a skills framework

Work simulations

Learners engage in simulated scenarios to build skills & confidence

Global mobility

Learners engage learners in international or transnational experiences

Deliver high-quality student industry experience programs at scale and cost-effectively.

No commitment or credit card needed

*Offer not valid for the US

Case studies

How does Practera power experiential learning for governments?


Educators can work with Practera to author, launch & manage experiential learning programs via the Practera platform


Connect students to authentic industry projects, internships & experiences. Sourced by Practera and delivered via the Platform

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