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Enabling educators
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Why experiential learning
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Authentic industry
projects, internships
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What are programs?

Create inspiring experiences that build skills, careers and opportunity for learners

Who uses Practera?

Higher education

  • Attract and retain students
  • Enhance student employability
  • Grow industry engagement
  • Reduce costs and increase scale


  • Upskill and reskill workers
  • Identify and attract graduate talent
  • Build customer and partner ecosystems
  • Engage student project teams


  • Youth employability
  • Employee reskilling
  • Facilitate cross sector collaboration
  • Promote international education

What is Practera?

Practera is a technology platform that helps deliver high quality experiential learning programs at larger scale and lower cost… Learn more >


Customisable platform to author, launch and manage experiential learning programs. DIY or onboarding services available.


Connect learners to authentic industry projects, internships & experiences. Programs are sourced by Practera and delivered via the platform.

The Practera platform

Robust learning design

Templates and authoring tools to create inspiring & impactful experiential learning programs

Engaging apps

Engage learners and mentors systematically in project, learning & feedback loops

Timesaving analytics

AI powered analytics and intervention tools improve cohort outcomes, saves time and lowers cost

Case studies

Impactful outcomes


University, Government & Corporate customers


Learners have access to the platform


Average willingness to recommend


Average learner completion rate


Potential demonstrated cost saving


Students improved their professional & social networks

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