What are

Practera programs connect University students to authentic industry projects, internships & experiences

  • Curated projects from thousands of employers globally
  • Fully supported, quality assured programs
  • Authentic industry experience, feedback & connections
  • Library of project types, durations & levels
  • Digitally enabled & scalable to thousands of learners

Who does it benefit?

Experienced global team


  • Students connected with real world projects & clients
  • Scalable, accessible & cost effective industry engagement model
  • Quality assured & managed service


  • Opportunity to apply knowledge to a real world business problem

  • New peer & professional connections
  • Career relevant insights & experience


  • Access to student talent
  • Coaching experience for staff
  • Value add work products

What’s included

Client sourcing & matching

Practera source authentic clients who provide project briefs. You choose the discipline and our team of experts work with you to ensure projects are aligned to your learning requirements

Projects, internships & experiences
Projects, internships & experiences

Practera delivers a range of quality projects, internships and experiences. Select from a variety of disciplines, durations & intensities

Participant support
Participant support

All projects are supported by Practera. We ensure that teams and projects remain on track. Our support staff consists of educators and practitioners with years of experience in delivering experiential learning programs

Content & platform

Learners are guided by high quality content delivered through the Practera mobile interface. Pre-defined milestones, activities and tasks ensure that learners know what to do and when to achieve the best possible outcomes

Quality assured
Quality assurance

Practera experiences are quality assured, achieving 86% average satisfaction to more than 15,000 students & industry

Custom Programs
Custom programs

Practera allows you to author any type of experiential learning – internship, project, mentoring, accelerators, skills credentialing programs and more with one robust platform

Project types

Nano projects

  • 2 week team based micro-internships
  • 25 hours / student
  • Unique briefs
  • Range of discipline specific models
  • Authentic industry client feedback

Micro projects

  • 3 week team based micro-internships
  • 50 hours / student
  • Unique briefs
  • Authentic industry client & professional mentor feedback

Custom programs

  • We will configure and support your program
  • Configured to your specific requirements
  • Applied across project, internship & mentoring categories

Connect your students with a diverse range of industry partners

Practera source quality digital industry programs

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