Power your business with University student projects

  • Thousands of talented and motivated students from leading Universities are available to work on your business challenge
  • Receive fresh insights & research from diverse, Gen-Z student teams, working on a 2-5 week consulting project
  • Give back to students seeking professional skills, experience, and connections

No financial cost. 1hr per week of your time.

Undertake a structured, 2-5 weeks consulting project with a diverse team of University students in the following areas:

Growth Strategy

Research business growth options

initiatives, competitors & markets

Sustainable Impact

research options & initiatives to enhance

social & environmental impact

Digital Marketing

Review & enhance social media

& digital marketing

Funding & finance

Research grants, investors an

other funding sources

20- Week Data Science Project

Businesses can now access Australia’s best and brightest student minds in Data Science for 20 weeks to meet their data analysis and insights needs

Data Science

Analyse large collection of data to provide insights on customer behaviour, patient outcomes, disease prediction, forecasting, and consumption trend

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Thousands of Industry partners have successfully undertaken and benefited from our student projects

Recent industry clients include

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

  • Submit a project brief aligned to the theme, Practera will assign a team of 5-6 students from an upcoming program.
  • You meet your team, then teams work remotely and independently
  • Practera coordinates the program and provides an app that allows you to stay on top of what’s happening and review your team’s work
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What are the results?

  • Student teams provide a consulting report addressing your project brief

  • Businesses get fresh perspectives and new insights from diverse Gen-Z talents

  • Students build skills, experience, and connections for a successful career

What to expect from a 2-3 week project?

  • 250 – 300 hours of dedicated student work
  • Remote team that works independently
  • Upfront meeting + 1 hour a week of your time is required to review student work and provide feedback
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Where do students come from?

  • We work with a wide range of Universities
  • Students are of varying levels of study, cultural, and disciplinary backgrounds
  • Students have opted into the experience

Leading universities who have collaborated

Hear from Industry Participants

‘We are willing to recommend the program as 10/10. We really liked how structured it was and how the students, despite their diverse backgrounds, worked together like mature professionals to deliver solid outcomes in just 2 weeks. Lastly, the ease of access of the Practera platform and the well-planned program really helps us with our work.’

Toai Chowdhury, Marketing Manager, Infosys

“The team did a great job! I was thoroughly impressed with the work produced, especially considering the team don’t have backgrounds within the space sector. The report and presentation were both well-researched and presented in a clear and concise manner, and also incorporated the feedback we discussed too which was great to see.”

Arianne Platell, Chief Operations Officer QL Space

We had 6 students who loved our business, were attentive and full of great ideas. The students broke the options right down and provided a prototype design, and a register of contacts who could help build it. It was an amazing experience”

– Kay Saarine, Founder – Saarinen Organics, NSW

“The level of autonomy that the students display in general is very good.  As long as you are clear about the parameters of your project they all add additional knowledge that can be acted on by your organisation.”

Zane D’Mello, CEO at ATLAS

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