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  • Join our award-winning government backed university student engagement programs
  • Get innovative solutions to your business challenge
  • Build a culture of lifelong learning for your employees

There is no financial cost

Practera run employability programs that connect students with Australian and global businesses and organisations. Selected students form part of short consulting projects that help businesses solve some of their most pressing challenges. E.g.

Growth opportunities
post COVID-19

It’s free to participate and no financial cost to your business

Engage a team of diverse, multinational, multidisciplinary students from participating Universities to undertake a 3-week project to deliver an innovative solution to your business challenge.

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Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

  • Practera works with you on your project and will select a team of 5 – 6 students, all studying different disciplines.
  • Teams works remotely and independently
  • Practera coordinates the program and provides an app that allows you to stay on top of what’s happening and review your team’s work
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What are the results?

  • Student teams work with you to deliver an innovative solution to your business challenge

  • Businesses get a fresh perspective and new insights on their most pressing challenges
  • Students build the skills required for a successful career

What to expect from a 2-3 week project?

  • 250 – 300 hours of dedicated student work
  • Remote team that works independently
  • 1 hour a week of your time is required to review student work and provide feedback
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Where do students come from?

  • We work with 20 Australian universities to select the best team for your business
  • Some will be Masters students, others Bachelors
  • The majority of students will be studying a non-technical discipline (e.g. marketing, business  finance, accounting, international relations, policy, etc.)

What are some of the projects?


  • Marketing Effectiveness Evaluation
  • Social Media Strategy
  • New Market Entry
  • Comparative evaluation
  • Competitor analysis
  • Policy & Program Research
  • Impact Analysis
  • Shared Value Options
  • Product / Service Competitiveness
  • Foresighting
  • Accounting: Internal Audit

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