How it works

How it works

Practera ensures timely support, reflective practice and regular feedback to improve the outcomes of experiential learning

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Monitor progress and outcomes in real-time

Practera takes away the complexity and cost of delivering high quality experiential learning.

Key benefits

Students and experts get supported through mobile apps that structure their experience and collect feedback. 

Educators get actionable, real-time insights into exactly who needs support and what they should do about it.  

LTI / SSO Integration

Practera supports the LTI standard to integrate with all modern Learning Management Systems. Single-sign on (SSO) allows students to seamlessly login to Practera from within your LMS – no registration needed. 

Reflective Learning
Boost your Success

Well established research shows that timely support, reflective practice and regular feedback improve the outcomes of experiential learning. Practera is built to make it easier for educators to ensure this happens for every student.

Practera provides the toolkit for better experiential learning programs

  • Mobile first UI
  • Custom branding
  • Gamification
  • Cloud based
  • Forums & workspaces
  • Chat & Comms
  • Activity & milestone structuring
  • Participant workflow
  • Authoring tools & templates
  • Feedback and reflective cycle
  • Personalised & adaptive
  • Participant support & interventions
  • Team 360 reviews
  • Configurable dashboards
  • Cohort, team & personalized insights
  • Real time data

Practera in a Nutshell

What took days or weeks to plan and prepare now takes hours. Start with proven templates (including Real Projects or Live Case Studies) or build your own experiential programs from scratch.

Once an educator selects a template, it can be easily deployed to thousands of students and experience providers. A dashboard will show them, in real-time, levels of engagement, motivation and progress through the experience. 

They can quickly spot the experiences that are off track – for example a disengaged project provider, or a team of students having a communication breakdown – and apply a recommended intervention to get things moving again.

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