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Create opportunity for people through accessible experiential learning

Practera is a fast-growing experiential education technology and programs company. We help leading Universities and employers build real-world skills for the jobs of tomorrow. Experiential learning is critical for students and professionals to build and evolve their skills to respond to change, yet it is complex to structure, systematise and manage effectively at scale. Practera can work with employers to help systematically engage University student talent with their employees, or to develop internal experiential L&D programs. Practera was recently recognised as a ‘Westpac Business of Tomorrow’ and an EY Accelerating Entrepreneurs Asia-Pacific winner.

Our vision

There is a gap between the knowledge students learn, and the skills they need to succeed. Experiential learning is a critical tool to close the gap. We believe that experiential learning has the power to unlock the potential of billions of people. The future of work will revolutionise the education requirements and create opportunities far beyond the current thinking.

We envision a world where every person, regardless of background or geographic location, has access to quality education that develops the relevant skills for the future of work – not by reading a textbook and writing an exam, but by experiencing the application of theoretical knowledge in a real-world environment.

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