Practera for
higher education

Practera helps institutions deliver impactful experiential learning as a strategic differentiator

  • Attract & retain students
  • Enhance student employability & experience
  • Grow industry engagement
  • Reduce delivery costs & increase scale

Practera experience categories 

Experiences delivered to students & industry through the Practera platform.

Team projects

Learners work in teams to address a project brief.


Learners plan, seek feedback & reflect around projects & tasks.


Mentors & mentees engage in structured interactions around personal development.

Skills credentialing

Educators review & apply credential competency evidence against a skills framework.

Work simulations

Learners engage in simulated scenarios to build skills & confidence.

Global mobility

Learners engage learners in international or transnational experiences.


Learners engage in innovation programs to develop ideas and validate concepts.

Professional Development

Make professional and executive education more practical and experiential.

Experiential learning tools

Learners engage learners in international or transnational experiences.

Deliver high-quality student industry experience programs at scale and cost-effectively.

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How does Practera power experiential learning for educators?


Educators can DIY or work with Practera to author, launch and manage experiential learning programs via the Practera platform.


Connect students to authentic industry projects, internships and experiences. Sourced by Practera and delivered via the Platform

Practera collaborate with leading industry partners

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