Powering your Organisation

Engage A Team of Students To Explore Opportunities For Your Organisation

A common complaint for organisations large or small, is that most of their time and money is spent on day to day operations, leaving very little time for strategic market research. For such organisations there are many benefits to taking part in Practera’s “Powering your Business” program.

This initiative connects organisations with talented university students who can help you overcome key business challenges and find unique opportunities in the marketplace.

Submit a project brief today and within weeks you can secure a team of university students who will conduct market research on your chosen area and provide you with report recommendations. Report content can range from new market entry and competitor analysis to developing a social media strategy for your business.

Over 1500+ organisations have benefitted by taking part in the “Powering Your Business” program.

How it works

  • Choose a “Project Type” from our list.
  • Submit a project brief which takes 5-10 mins to complete.
  • Practera assigns a team of students to undertake your project.
  • You review students’ work and provide online feedback. This takes approximately 60min/week over 2-3 weeks.
  • You receive a market research report with recommendations.

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You can select from the following project types depending on your current priorities. You many also submit multiple project briefs.

Innovation & growth

For businesses looking for growth opportunities and outside of the box ideas. Students will analyse your market and identifygaps in which you can capitalise on.

Export opportunities

For businesses seeking to expand into new markets either nationally or internationally. Students will analyse the market, identify barriers to entry, and recommend available resources and support to enter the region.

Sustainable impact

For businesses seeking new ideas to manage the social and environmental effects of its operations. Students research practical options to enhance your organisation’s social or environmental impact in the world.

Social media strategy

For businesses seeking to adopt or maximise their existing social media platforms and social marketing channels. Students will develop a social media strategy
and an action plan.

Funding sources

Ideal for non-profits, startups and SMEs that want to explore available funding options. Students analyse and recommend potential funding pathways for businesses across debt, venture capital, donors or grants.

STEM Projects

Ideal for the Science,Technology, Engineering and Maths sector that seek out fresh and innovative solutions. Students will tackle technical business challenges and help develop a viable solution using their STEM knowledge.

Why participate?

  • Save time and money on market research
  • Keep up to date with new trends in your industry
  • Uncover insights to help with future decisions
  • Get innovative solutions for your business challenges


You will get a team of 5 – 6 students, all studying different disciplines. Some will be Masters students, others Bachelors.
The majority of students will be studying a non-technical discipline e.g. marketing, business finance, accounting, international relations, policy, etc.

You can let us know your preferences and we will do our best to make it happen, but we cannot guarantee it.

Each students commits to 20 hours of work over the two week period.
They also commit to act as consultants and cater to the needs and schedules of their client.
Collectively your team will deliver 120+ hours to the project.

No, the students work remotely and are not located at your offices.

  • Outline clear project requirements so that your report provides value
  • Set project outcomes that are achievable within a two week period
  • Ask for help if needed. If you’re not sure about what project type to choose, or how to define a scope, the Practera team are available at projects@practera.com

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