Getting Further Help

Learn how to get the help and support you need as you use Practera.

Accessing More Help Articles #

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of the Onboarding Collection! The good news is that the learning doesn’t stop here. There are so many other articles and collections for you to explore to help you become a Practera pro! There are a few ways to access Practera learning collections and help articles at any time:

  1. By clicking Help on any of your Practera pages:
  2. Or finally, by visiting the full Help Library at

These pathways will lead you to our Help Library which is full of useful articles and learning collections to support you through your Practera journey!

Reaching Out For Further Help #

If you can’t find the answer you are looking for in the Practera Help Library, you can always drop us a line using Our customer success team will respond to your inquiry with the right help article or specific support, if required.

You can also use this email address to provide feedback on the app or admin interface which will be forwarded to our platform team.

Learning Collections #

We have created other learning collections to support your journey and Practera learning! Each collection contains articles that detail different aspects of designing and delivering your experience:

Hire an Expert #

The Practera Design Team has expert experiential Learning Designers to support you and your experience needs. Get in touch with our team through Intercom or by emailing

What’s Next? #

Check out some of the additional articles in the Onboarding collection such as The Practera Glossary!

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