Audit Log of Admin Activity

Find out about how you can access the audit log information to track changes within your organisation.

Where to locate the Audit log #

To open the audit log, you can click on the organisation logo in the top left hand corner. Then select Audit log from the drop down menu.

What can I find on the Audit Log #

Learner and Expert Logs #

The Audit log provides you with details about submissions which have been made by the learners or experts.

If you select a specific learners/experts update you can then click on details to gain full details about the action the learner took.

Coordinator, Author and Admin Log entries #

The Admin Log entries allows you to know when changes have been made to certain aspects within your institution, by whom and when.

Audit Log headings explained #

Action – provides information of the type of change which occurred. (Create – new experience or content added, Update – current experience or content edited, Delete – Content or experience removed)

Target – This is a clear list of the target item where a change was made.

What’s Next? #

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