Preparing Feedback Loops (Practera 2)

Preparing Feedback Loops (Practera 2)

Learn how to set up and automate feedback loops within your experience.

In this article you will learn:

Feedback Loops

Practera is built around the experiential learning cycle and learners receiving timely and meaningful feedback is an essential part of their learning journey!

A feedback loop occurs when a learner (or team of learners) submits work or a deliverable for feedback or review. The review/feedback may come from a peer, an expert, a coordinator or an author.

The feedback/review itself can take many different forms, and authors are able to determine which type of questions they would like the reviewer to respond to. It could be as simple as a feedback video upload or as detailed as multiple likert scale questions. The possibilities are almost endless!

When considering the format and structure of your feedback loop, we find that the most valuable feedback loops are those that are simple and straightforward to complete. One goal is to set the review process up in a way that makes it easy to provide feedback and streamline its turn around, which values the reviewer’s time. Another goal is to ensure that the format or structure of the feedback is easily understood by both the learner and the reviewer – that way everyone knows what to expect!

If you’re looking for some further support in developing your feedback loops, please check out the <Designing Feedback> article.

Setting Up a Feedback Loop

In order to set up a feedback loop in your experience, an author must create a moderated assessment. Unlike other assessment types, moderated assessments have a built-in feedback function, meaning that their completion involves both a submitter (that is, a learner or a learner team) and a reviewer (for example, an expert).

When creating a moderated assessment, you will be able to set the audience for each question.

This lets you create questions that only learners have to complete, that only reviewers complete, or, that both learners and reviewers complete!

Submitter only

A submitter only question will display for learners and they will have the opportunity to answer it, or will be required to answer it if the question is marked as required. These questions will display for reviewers for their reference, but they will not be able to answer them.

Reviewer only

A reviewer only question will not display for learners when they complete their submission. This question will display for reviewers when they review learners’ work and then will be visible to learners (including the reviewer’s response) once the feedback has been published. Reviewer only questions can also be marked as required.

Both Submitter and Reviewer

This type of question is visible to both learners and reviewers and requires a response from both. Such questions work well when you’d like a learner to self-assess against the same criteria a reviewer will use.

Once you’ve created all of your questions for your moderated assessment, you’re ready to review the assessment settings where you can choose to automate the feedback process.

Setting Up Automated Reviewers

Now that your moderated assessment has questions for both the submitter (learner) and the reviewer, you are able to set up the reviewers to be automatically assigned, if you prefer.

Auto-Assign Reviewer: No

If you choose not to automatically assign reviewers for your moderated assessment, an author or coordinator will need to assign a reviewer to each submission on the Feedback page.

Auto-Assign Reviewer: Yes

If you select to auto-assign your reviewers, each submission will be automatically assigned to the reviewer role that you select. The reviewer will receive a notification to complete their review as soon as the submission is made.

Assigned Reviewer Role

When reviewers are auto assigned, you’ll have to select who the reviewer is! You can choose from Peer (another learner), Expert, Coordinator or Author.

Now your automated feedback loop is set up and ready to go! Once your learners submit their assessment, the reviewer will be immediately assigned and notified. No extra work for you to do!

What’s Next?

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