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  Watch this space! This blog is intended for our community of developers to learn about Practera technology & API. We will start the conversation with discussions and advice on how to develop world class experiential learning templates and experiences when our Marketplace is up and running.

Practera product

Do I want to take on a student team? We often get asked by Industry partners how to manage a student project efficiently and effectively. Time is scarce and managers aren’t sure that an intern or student team can add value. In our experience, you can greatly improve your chances of getting great value for […]

Practera Design

It’s time to reset the thinking around what a private tertiary education provider is and does. Let’s put aside the seemingly endless stories about dodgy vocational schools rorting FEE-HELP/HECS and gaming the immigration, indigenous and regional support systems. There are many reasons for why these schools are able to exist, exploit and ultimately fail, but the […]