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Better Feedback Loops for Experiential Learning

We learn best from experience. And an integral part of this experiential learning is based around feedback. Without frequent feedback, learning doesn’t happen.

That’s why we have focused on the robust reflective learning and feedback cycle and are happy to share with you the outcomes today. Providing a new way to quickly and easily provide feedback increases the opportunities for better learning outcomes for students, higher quality project deliverables for mentors and clients and consequentially higher participant satisfaction benefitting educators – a classic win-win-win situation!

And as always: all of the new features are available immediately and FOR FREE to all Practera customers.



A brand new Mentor app experience.

All Practera Mentors can now access the mobile Practera interface to progress through their personalised content, chat with their teams, review team deliverables and provide feedback – anywhere, anytime! Get your mentors to access with their usual login today!

Practera's Interface


Hi Mentor! – Hello Student! – In app chat.

Real-time communication between the project team members has never been easier! With instant chat, all participants can now reach out to each other and communicate during their program. No need for students to try and convince a mentor to become their Facebook friend anymore. #collaboration+1

Business Projects Program


Always know what needs attention.

Program participants will love Practera’s latest dashboard widget. Never miss a new feedback item or a chat message again – all the important things are now shown on the dashboard and indicated with eye catching badges!

Give a feedback


Thank you, Mentors!

Feedback is fundamental to experiential learning – and we want our mentors to feel most appreciated! That is why Students are now able to rank the feedback helpfulness and add a “Thank you!” note to their reviewers after they have read the feedback. Automated emails to the reviewers with all the thank you notes arrive every Friday, spreading positivity for the weekend!

Practera Messages


SMS to the rescue!

Practera can now send SMS notifications for the most important actions. Whether unlocking new content, receiving a chat message, being assigned to review a submission or receiving new feedback – SMS notifications come straight to the phone (if the phone number is provided).

SMS notifications


More personal, more adaptive, more relevant!

With a new way to reveal content based on a specific answer to an assessment question, Mentor feedback can now enable adaptive learning pathways.

What’s next?

Get ready for the release of our second version of the app in January. Faster loading, better navigation and a whole lot of gamification to drive even more engagement.

We hope you are as excited about all these new features as we are! Let us know what you think by sending your thoughts to

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