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Practera works with educators around the world at the frontier of experiential learning for the future of work. Here is a snapshot of leading thinking and practice.


Interesting news in the world of experiential learning

Northeastern University found that employers’ top priority recommendation for colleges and universities was to “include real-world projects and engagements with employers and the world of work” in their programmes

Austrade’s Innovation in Employability report was released at the Asia-Pacific International Education Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last week. The report showcases strategies and initiatives to enhance the employability skills of international students across all Australian states.

Canadian Universities take collaborative approach to future skills development;

Australia reviews the future of micro-credentials in its Australian Quality Framework


Enabling inspiring experiential learning programs

The Australian Government (DFAT) has launched a national skills micro-credential pilot – the Australia Awards Global Skills Passport, on Practera through the Australia Awards Indonesia (AAI) program. 400 AAI Scholars will create an e-portfolio of enrichment experiences alongside their study against one of 6 Global Skill categories. (Product demo video)

Redfern Legal Centre supported by Study NSW, the City of Sydney and the Fair Work Ombudsman are launching this week a ground-breaking new multilingual legal advice app on Practera to international students studying in NSW. The app will provide international students with instant access to customised legal information around common issues, delivered in an interactive, video-based ‘face-to-face’ question and answer format in English and six other languages.

If you are looking to strengthen or setup your experiential learning program, schedule a free consultation with a senior member of our team


Building the worlds leading platform for experiential learning

Practera has taken a quantum leap – our latest release was a massive one. Highlights included;

Transitioning students and mentors to an upgraded mobile-first experience (New Practera App Video)

Launching our AI-powered Experiential Learning Support Assistant (ELSA), which offers personalised intervention options for educators based on common issues (Introducing ELSA Video)

Integrated badges, digital certificates and micro-credentialling into all aspects of the platform

Filesharing integrated to chat functionality

For current customers who want to discover the benefits of the new features in a personalised training session – as usual: please reach out to your Practera representative and we are happy to schedule a meeting.


What we write, publish and present at events and conferences

The Co-operative Research Centre Association is developing a pilot Practera platform to support CRC’s in their education and knowledge transfer activities, including mentoring, challenge projects and applied research skills credentialling. If you’d like to learn more, Practera Director, R&D, Ruth Marshall will be delivering a prototype session at the Innovate Collaborate conference in Adelaide, May 28-30.

Last week Practera Co-CEO Beau Leese helped launch Austrade’s Innovation in Employability report at the Asia-Pacific International Education Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The report showcases strategies and initiatives to enhance the employability skills of international students across all Australian states.

Practera Canada Vice-President Megan Underwood will be speaking at the Canada International Conference on Education (CICE-2019) in Toronto, June 24-27

Practera co-Founder & Co-CEO Beau Leese will be presenting with the University of Melbourne on the Study Melbourne LIVE Projects program at the Global Internship Conference in Auckland July 2-5

Practera US Vice-President Nikki James will be speaking with UNSW and Northeastern University at the NSEE (National Society of Experiential Learning Conference) September 23-25

We are excited about how experiential learning will change the way we teach and how it will prepare the next generation of learners for the future of work.

If you’d like to learn more or discuss your experiential learning program please contact us.

Beau Leese, Co-CEO

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