Today our company Intersective is marking a new phase of growth with a change of our primary company brand – from Intersective, to Practera.

This shift recognises the centrality of our Practera platform to our mission of powering a world of experiential learning. Practera is gaining increasing recognition as a leading experiential learning platform by educators around the world – and we want to support that.

For those of you who know us as Intersective – we’d like to introduce you to Practera and share a little bit about why we’re making the shift.

We’ve built Practera to power experiential learning. Experiential learning helps learners bridge the gap between the knowledge they learn, and the skills they need to succeed.

Experiential learning is an old and fundamental concept – think of a medieval apprentice learning from a more experienced guildmaster – but is becoming more important than ever. As technology changes the future of work faster, people need to retrain and reskill continually to stay relevant. Universities and employers are increasingly recognising the demand to deliver experiential learning to learners more systematically.

This requires delivering more experiential learning programs – like professional placements, team projects, accelerators, internships, mentoring and skills credentialing. However the problem is that these programs are actually very complex and costly to manage and scale.

Practera is a platform that enables educators to easily build and deliver their own branded apps to support students, mentors and educators collaborate effectively on these types of programs. Practera helps structure student and mentor collaboration around real world experiences, improve learning outcomes, and generate better data which makes program managers more efficient.

As Intersective, we’ve developed Practera through our own experiential learning. Over 5 years, we have worked at the coalface with our customers to understand the challenges of delivering high quality programs at larger scale. We identified areas where technology could help overcome barriers and tested solutions in the field. Through those programs, tens of thousands of students from more than half of Australian Universities have built real world skills in STEM, innovation, Asia business and teamwork – and these continue with Practera at the core.

The learnings of Intersective have now literally been coded into Practera. It is only through platform technology that we can enable our customers on a global basis to deliver successful experiential learning outcomes for their students and mentors. This is a global challenge – there are some 2 billion knowledge economy learners in Higher Education and the workforce who need more and better experiential learning.

Thank you to all those customers, partners and the amazing team that have helped us on the journey. We look forward to sharing the success Practera – the company and the platform – will deliver for you in the future.

If you’d like to know what Practera can do for you – please ask us for a free demo.

Wes Sonnenreich & Beau Leese, Co-CEO’s & Co-Founders

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