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  • 250 - 300 hours of dedicated student work over a three week period.
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Practera is a fast-growing experiential education technology and programs company. We help leading Universities and employers build real-world skills for the jobs of tomorrow. Experiential learning is critical for students and professionals to build and evolve their skills to respond to change, yet it is complex to structure, systematise and manage effectively at scale.

Practera can work with employers to help systematically engage University student talent with their employees, or to develop internal experiential L&D programs.

 Practera was recently recognised as a ‘Westpac Business of Tomorrow’ and an EY Accelerating Entrepreneurs Asia-Pacific winner.

Client Testimonials

Student Testimonials

Divya Marwaha,
University of Melbourne

Live Projects has been an amazing learning experience that helped me grow as an individual. Being in the shoes of consultant and solving a real case for a client gave a taste of the corporate culture.

Nicholas Rosenvasser,
Monash Business School

It was amazing to spend the last 3 weeks working on a consulting project for Bupa looking into the challenges faced by international students in Australia. I learnt and shared invaluable experiences with a wonderful multidisciplinary team of international student peers.