Practera is a project-based experiential learning platform, designed by teachers and instructional designers to support the process of experiential and work integrated learning. At its core is a project-based structure which allows designers to construct training experiences that reflect real-world situations, and an environment that brings students, teachers and industry mentors together to achieve their project outcomes. 

Practera does not replace your existing LMS, in which you track students and deliver large scale classroom-style teaching support. It provides  complementary experiential learning support for a wide variety of skills development and project-based learning needs such as internships and work placements, work-readiness training, innovation programs and more. See our case studies and success stories for examples of how others have successfully used Practera.

Practera is a recognised platform for extra-curricular programs such as internships and work-readiness programs because of the high level of compliance and completion rates compared with other solutions.

It can also be relatively easily integrated into the curriculum to deliver case studies and support flipped learning classrooms. A case study delivered on Practera can help teams work together more effectively and give transparency to teachers on their progress and team performance. Similarly, a flipped-learning classroom can be supported with Practera through the delivery virtual projects and case studies in the classroom.