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Post-Covid Project-Based learning (PBL) has become even more essential and relevant, as it enables students to learn deeply and develop core employability skills through participating in real work projects and experiences. It has benefits for students, educational institutions and industry. With Practera’s support, organising project-based learning is cost-effective and straightforward. 

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What is project-based learning?

Project-based learning (PBL) is a teaching method that drives student learning by engaging them in real-world, meaningful projects. It’s a style of inquiry-based and student-centred learning. In PBL, students work in groups over a set period on a project designed to solve a genuine problem or answer a challenging question. Students demonstrate their knowledge and skills by creating a product or presentation for a public audience.

Project-based learning activities allow students to develop deep content knowledge. Importantly, PBL also supports the development of 21 st century skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication. PBL education is used across various learning environments, including high schools and universities.


What are the benefits of project based learning?

Project based learning also has other advantages for students. These include:

  • Deeper engagement and interaction with learning content
  • Encouragement of higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Development of peer and professional networks
  • Engagement with potential employers and career mentors
  • Fostering of 21 st century skills like collaboration and communication
  • Enhanced autonomy and agency in learning
  • A sense of mastery and self-efficacy
  • Gaining valuable career insights.

Project based learning

How Practera can help

While running Project-Based learning might sound quite complex and challenging to scale, and it is if you’re trying to set everything up yourself. But with Practera’s help and resources, implementing project-based learning is simple. Our fully customisable Project Based Learning platform to author, launch and manage Project-based learning is designed to easily connect university students with genuine industry experiences, internships and projects.

These are curated from thousands of global employers, including government departments, corporates and community organisations. Our expansive library of cost-effective project types facilitates projects ranging from two-week micro-internships to custom PBL programs to suit your requirements—all digitally enabled and scalable to thousands of learners.

Importantly, Practera can deliver these PBL programs virtually. Our innovative and user-friendly platform is designed to optimise learning quality and the student experience, regardless of whether programs are used onsite or remotely.

Through Practera’s powerful experiential learning platform, educators can deliver a range of programs and experiences to their students, including:

1. Team projects

Team projects are a fantastic way to prepare students for the working world by building collaboration and interpersonal skills. For example, students could work together to plan a fundraiser for a local charity.

2. Work simulations

Through Practera’s work simulations, students can engage in scenarios closely reflecting real-world working experiences. These simulations could involve role-playing or completing situational judgement tests, like solving a common work-related issue. In this way, students gain a deeper understanding of the working world when an on-site visit isn’t possible.

3. Mentoring

Practera also offers mentoring, where students can gain access to helpful advice and support from more experienced peers. The mentor and mentee system is highly structured and focuses on personal development.

4. Accelerators

Accelerators are innovative experiences where learners innovate, develop, and validate fresh and exciting concepts. Innovation programs encourage students to pitch and collaboratively assess ideas as they would in an actual workplace.

5. Internships

Through Practera’s in-person and remote internship programs, students can set goals, track their skills, and reflect on their achievements in a clear, structured way. The Project Based Learning platform also encourages regular check-ins and active engagement between learners and businesses.

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Register for our Free Demo Webinar! 


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