Understanding the Dashboard (Practera 2)

Understanding the Dashboard (Practera 2)

Introducing the “Feedback Cycle Stream”, a new dashboard experience.

  • Introducing a new way to see what is happening in your program or experience. The feedback cycle stream shows the flow of “moderated” assessments from not submitted to feedback acknowledged. Admins and coordinators now have a holistic view of the experience performance and get actionable alerts to improve it.

Experience Overview KPIs

At the top of the new dashboard are the Experience Overview KPI’s

  • Learners: The total amount of active learners
  • Progress: The overall progress of the cohort
  • Confidence: At key points in the experience, participants are asked if they feel they (or the team they are mentoring) are on track. This represents the average % of people responding they feel on track.
  • Satisfaction: At key points in the experience, participants are asked if they are satisfied with the experience. This represents the average % of people responding that they are satisfied.
  • Engagement: This is the % of the cohort learners who were active on the system in the past 7 days.

Feedback Cycle

The four columns represent stages of the moderated assessment life cycle.

  • Not Yet Submitted – no action has been taken yet
  • Feedback Requested – the student has submitted the assessment but a reviewer has either not been assigned or has not completed the review
  • Feedback Given – the reviewer has provided feedback, but the student has not yet seen it.
  • Feedback Acknowledgement – the student has seen the feedback and provided a “helpfulness” rating.

Feedback Loop KPIs

  • On-time submissions (Submissions sent on time)
  • Late submissions (Submissions sent late)
  • Overdue Submissions (Submissions currently late)
  • Unassigned reviews (Submissions without expert assigned)
  • Assessments waiting review (Submissions waiting for expert review)
  • Overdue reviews (Submissions waiting longer than the expected time for expert review)
  • Experteer reviews (Total number of reviews by experts)
  • Feedback Mean Time (Average time of requesting feedback and feedback given)
  • Waiting acknowledgement (Average time of feedback given and leaner acknowledge the feedback)
  • Feedback quality (Average learner feedback given by expert score)
  • Acknowledgement Mean Time (Average time between feedback given by expert and acknowledge by learner)


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