How to create an ELSA to-do (Practera 1)

How to create an ELSA to-do (Practera 1)

Learn how to add your own issue or action to your ELSA to-do list

This article is for coordinators or admins who would like to capture an additional issue or task on their ELSA to-do list.

If you’re using ELSA regularly, then where better place to track your required tasks than in your ELSA to-do list. You may want to remind yourself to send a summary email to your learners at the end of the week or remind a fellow program manager to update the teaming.

Here’s How

To create an ELSA to-do, follow these two quick steps:

  1. Write your issue or action into the empty text field at the top of your to-do list
  2. Hit Create!
  3. Mark Done once you’ve actioned it.


In case you missed it, head here to learn how you action or delegate an ELSA to-do.

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