How to action or delegate an ELSA to-do (Practera 1)

How to action or delegate an ELSA to-do (Practera 1)

Learn how to resolve an issue detected by ELSA

This article is for coordinators or admins who want to resolve the issues flagged in their automated ELSA to-do list, either by actioning the issues themselves or delegating them to someone else. You will also learn how to delete wrong or irrelevant ELSA to-do items.

Action an ELSA to-do

On the right-hand side of each issue in your to-do list, you’ll find a Take Action button.

By clicking on that button, ELSA will now provide you with the recommended next action. The interventions vary according to the type of issue, so your action might:

  • take you to the Practera screen where the issue can be resolved, or
  • open up a messaging popup to reach out to the affected participants

Intervention messaging tool

For every item with a message action, ELSA guides you through the process using its intervention message popup.

Here are the steps to follow when sending a message ELSA has suggested:

  1. Select Users.
    On the left-hand side of the Message Popup you can see all participants that have been detected for the specific intervention. You can select the ones that you want to send the message out to. If you don’t send the message to everyone, the remaining users will continue to show up as detected issue on the todo list.
  2. Select Template.
    You can write the messages from scratch or you can select one of our templates. The top template – the “nudge” – is ready-to-go for your specific type of intervention and you don’t need to make any changes.
  3. Dynamic message codes.
    To personalise the message further, you can select from a range of codes that will be interpreted for every individual message. For example, use “Hi [first_name]” to use the first name of the user. To add a code, you can either click on it, or type it manually.
  4. Hit send!
    Hit ‘send’ to immediately send your message to all affected participants. If the to-do doesn’t disappear from your dashboard straight away, simply refresh your page or mark the action as done.

What next? Once you’ve actioned a suggested intervention, ELSA automatically logs the intervention in the intervention log in the “Interventions Tab” on your dashboard for you. Head to this article to learn more about tracking your interventions.

Note: Every templated message has an action link at the bottom of the message that the participant uses to log in. You will be able to monitor who has clicked on that link and actioned on your intervention.

Delegate an ELSA to-do

Short of time? Delegate an ELSA to-do item to someone else.

Here’s how:

  1. Click on the Arrow icon on the right-hand side of your ELSA to-do item.
  2. Select a coordinator or admin from the drop-down list. Remember, they need to be registered in this experience in order for you to delegate a task.

What next? They’ll be notified about the delegation straight away and the issue will appear on the personal ‘Issues Assigned to me’ list on their dashboard. They can re-assign to the task to someone else, if needed.

Deleting wrong suggestions

Elsa is constantly learning how to become better at detecting and predicting issues. She is far from perfect, so sometimes she will recommend an action that is irrelevant. If you think a flagged issue is not needed, it can be removed from your list.

Delete the suggestion

You can, at any time, remove an entry from the todo list by clicking on the “Delete” icon. Elsa will not flag the same issue for the same student again.

Let Elsa remove it

The todo list entry will be visible for 7 days. If you haven’t actioned the suggestion, Elsa will assume that it was not relevant and remove it from your interface.


Now you know how to action or delegate an ELSA to-do, next learn how to create your own to-do.

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