How Elsa detects team dissonance (ELSA)

How Elsa detects team dissonance (ELSA)

Learn how Elsa is able to detect important nuances like team dissonance and helps you predicting team conflicts before it is too late.

In a collaborative, team-based learning environment a main driver of student engagement and satisfaction is their team experience. Traditional learning management systems do not allow educators to see and act on potential problems in the team dynamics. We have found a way to detect a crucial factor, team dissonance, to help you provide a premium experience to all participants and to discover issues even before they become apparent to the teams themselves.

By performing the analysis task for more than 10,000 participants that required our program coordinators to analyse raw data exports and learning analytics, we were able to find a successful approach and automate the process and teach Elsa to do the heavy lifting for you!

Note: Currently, Elsa only detects dissonance amongst participants, not between participants and mentors in a team. To enable Elsa’s team dissonance detection, you need to use the default pulse check questions.

Detecting Team Dissonance

Elsa determines team dissonance based on the answers of the cohort’s pulse checks.

Whenever Elsa detects dissonance between the answers of what students say, a task item will be created in your todo list.

Suggested Action

Elsa will prompt you to send a message to the respective team(s). When clicking on the todo list item, the message pop up window will appear and guide you through the process.

Available message templates

Depending on the type of dissonance, Elsa will suggest message templates that have had success in the past.


Once the message has been sent, Elsa will tick off the todo list item.

Elsa tracks your interventions automatically and informs you whether or not a participant has actioned your suggestion. Learn how

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