How does Elsa detect teaming issues? (ELSA)

How does Elsa detect teaming issues? (ELSA)

Especially for larger programs of more than 30 participants Elsa helps to ensure that everyone is allocated to a team.

Detecting Participants not in teams 

For experiences with at least 1 team, Elsa detects students who have been enrolled but not allocated to teams.

When Elsa detects a student, she will add a todo list item to your dashboard. The number at the beginning (left) of the todo list item indicates the number of students without a team.

Suggested Action

Elsa will redirect you to the team page, which lets you assign the respective student(s) to an existing team or lets you create a new team.


Once the the student(s) are allocated to teams, Elsa will tick off the todo list item.

Coming soon: Currently, Elsa can only detect IF there are students without a team. In the near future, Elsa will help you even further by indicating which students she has detected.

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