ELSA recommendations and how to use them (Practera 2)

ELSA recommendations and how to use them (Practera 2)

ELSA recommendations and recent activity improvements

ELSA was updated in August 2022, read below to gain a full understanding of the updates made.

  • ELSA recommendations and recent activity are now under the recommendations tabs. If you have pending actions you will see the counter at the right of the tab title.
  • Now you can filter ELSA recommendations and recent activity by time. Today, past week and past month. If you want to go back to the unresolved actions, click on the “X unresolved” link on the top line.
  • There is now better ELSA recommends action management

A new tab shows the New, Messaged and Skipped users within the action.

  • New History tab, users can see all the actions taken for a specific recommendation
  • You can add Notes to a recommendation, these notes are visible to all coordinators and admins.
  • Now you can manually skip users from an ELSA recommendations

Now you can use message templates on ELSA recommendations. Access your saved templates or create new ones.

  • When sending messages, it will send to all of the selected “new” AND “messaged” users – so you can send reminders this way as well


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