Connecting with Experience Users through Chat (Practera 2)

Connecting with Experience Users through Chat (Practera 2)

Learn how to send chat messages to all the users in your experience.

In this article you will learn:

Chat Uses

The chat feature for authors and coordinators is a great way to monitor and support the users in your experience. There’s a direct positive impact of regular, clear communication on learners’ productivity, understanding and timely submissions! Chat allows you to send instant messages to your user’s Practera account.

Benefits to using Chat:

  • Keep all your communication and program management in one place
  • Encourage learner engagement
  • Share files and updates and field user queries
  • Connect with individual users via direct messages or connect with groups & teams
  • Support users if they have an issue

Accessing Chat

As a Practera author or coordinator, you are able to access chat from your Author & Coordinator Interface by selecting the Chat option on your experience menu.

On the Chat page, you’ll find all of the available chats in your experience. There are three key categories of chat: admin channels, group chats, direct messages.

  • Admin Channels – This is where you will find announcement channels for respective user roles.
  • Group Chats – This is where you will find any team based chats or a cohort chat. These are automatically setup by default.
  • Direct Messages – These are where you will find you personal direct messages with other users in the experience.

Who is in the Chat?

By selecting the ‘i’ icon in the top right-hand corner of the Chat screen, users can see who is in the Group Chat:

Direct Messages

Anyone can direct message each other on Practera. Authors and Coordinators do not have access to the direct messages between other uses, they can only see direct messages between themselves and others.

Create an Announcement Channel

Admin channels allow you to send messages to all users of a respective role in your experience. It’s a great way to send out important communications or updates that you want everyone to see.

Admin channels are not automatically created for you, but you can create one with only one click!

  1. Click the ‘+’ next to ‘Announcement Channels’. You’ll be asked to confirm that’s what you want to do:
  1. Your announcement channel is ready!

What’s Next?

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